Summertime Blues: Livin's Not Always Easy

The same people who sparkle on a cloudy day, or delight in the challenge of finding joy when everyone’s grumbling about the weather, can be victim of the “summer blues”. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) has become a recognized phenomenon, but the summer depression can feel confusing and isolating. Recently, I have come across folks who experience mild to severe discomfort with warmer weather. Here are some reasons people site for their distaste for the sunniest season:

1. Fear of climate change

2. Pressure to create memorable moments for their family vacations

3. Anxiety about seizing the fleeting summer days

4. Financial constraints of their inevitable business slow-down

5. Inability to affording summer camp/full-day daycare for their out of school children

6. Discontentment with their bodies under fewer layers of clothing

7. Sunburn/skin cancer woes

Like any kind of anxiety, it's important to look logically at the thoughts/feelings as they arise and examine each belief for its validity. When taken all together, or left unconsciously to stew, this kind of list of woes can be overwhelming and may create a foul mood that is then projected onto those closest to us, or blamed on external circumstances. One of the best ways to combat any amorphous depression, is to start uncovering the root causes with a mental health professional. In the meantime, try jounral writing, talking to a trusted friend, or channeling your feeling into a creative outlet.