Mental Health for Busy Parents: Why it’s important and how to get there

I see a lot of busy families in my practice, all wondering how best to care for their children.  Honestly, the best resource parents can give their children, and in turn their family, is their own mental well-being. 

It can definitely be a challenge to find time to prioritize your own mental wellness in the busy day-to-day world of work and home responsibilities.

One easy way to integrate mental health into your lives, is through the magic of podcasts. I have a few that I recommend parents listen to while doing dishes at night, making the kids lunches for the next day, or commuting. There are plenty of good parenting podcasts out there and ones that help increase your overall mindfulness. 

I have no relationship with the following podcasts but have found them to be helpful for myself and my clients. One is a Untangle which is a wonderful podcast that goes in depth to interview experts in the field of mindfulness.   Another is Slate’s parenting resource one with the tongue and cheek title Mom and Dad are Fighting.  Finally, AT Parenting Survival Podcast, which looks specializes in parenting sensitive or anxious children. 

For parents who work full-time, I recommend finding a therapist who practices close enough to your workplace, for you to have a weekly, or bi-weekly lunch hour sessions., or your company’s EAP can help you with that. 

Anyone familiar with my practice knows that I am also a strong proponent for journaling. Sometimes we are our own best resource, we just need the time to devote to our selves. Journaling allows thoughts to unfold and feelings to be expressed, while allowing you to examine them (almost) objectively and, more importantly, it stops the amorphous cycle of rumination, once you’ve externalized the inner static. 

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