Holistic Mental Health: Therapeutic Counseling Services

adults & adolescent psychotherapy

The holistic, Infinity Wellness model of psychotherapy, allows clients to understand the 8 main aspect of the self in order to assess imbalance and achieve wholeness. Sessions are client-centered, wherein the client is in control of the depth and length of treatment (i.e. brief treatment, or intraspective therapy) and participates in setting their own goals and assessing personal progress.


Play therapy provides the means for children to express their challenging experiences and feelings, through what they do naturally - play!  Through play, children explore strong feelings they are not able to express verbally.  A trained play therapist creates the space for a child's inner conflicts to be expressed in a self-guided healing process. Family support is on-going, as therapist and caregivers work as a team to inform and progress healing.

Couples & Family counseling

The holistic model not only takes into account the many facets of the self, but also the fact that one’s mental health, is affected by interactions within our environment. The forces that hold the strongest sway, are within our most important relationships. In couples and family counseling, the practitioner assists in repairing the rifts in these important bonds.

Fun Infinity Wellness Quiz

Assess which is your dominant aspect

groups & workshops

Groups are a great way to learn from a trained facilitator while gaining insights and support from a cohort of other growth-minded individuals. See the Groups & Workshops page for details about all current and past groups.

clinical supervision

We offer one-on-one and group clinical supervision for therapists looking to enrich their practice, or earn clinical supervision hours in order to sit for their LCSW exam.


articles & resources

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