We believe in life/work balance over work/life balance.

When we’re unhappy in our work, our entire life is thrown off balance. Whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur, entertainer…your work can be an expression your best self. Learn how to come alive in your work and how to use your livelihood to help you come alive.


Infinity Wellness guides clients through an exploration of the 8 aspects of Self

Individual counseling is the cornerstone of our practice, but also just the beginning of the support we can provide. After learning about our Services, meet the Team that will help you get where you need to be.



Are you struggling to maintain spiritual balance in a crazy world? Therapeutic counseling frees the stuck, relieves the stressed, and clarifies vision during life’s transitions. With compassion, creativity and humor, we navigate the electric cloud of unknowing, and emerge with clarity and passion for life. Couples, Family, Group and Play Therapy also available.



Massage and bodywork options include: Hot Stone Massage, Mama Massage (Prenatal Massage, Postnatal & Mommy & Me), Cupping and Far Infrared Therapy


Energy healing

Reiki is a system of natural healing from Japan that is based on mindfulness practices and light touch. Reiki sessions help promote relaxation, stimulate the body's innate healing response, and support personal development. Rooted in the belief that to heal means to make whole, Reiki addresses body, mind and spirit.