Infinity Wellness is a methodology for creating wholeness.

Since 1999, Infinity Wellness has helped clients achieve and maintain balance in their lives. The process emerged from the marriage of personal and cultural psychology, with the study of Reiki and the chakras. The chart below illustrates the constantly interacting aspects of the Self. Through this holistic investigation, practitioner and client uncover areas of strength, weakness, or imbalance. As these aspects are explored in session, the stage is set for the emergence of greater clarity and personal evolution.  


The Infinity Wellness chart illustrates the 8 Aspects of Self.

The charts color code corresponds to the aspect’s main chakra.

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Infinity Wellness

Dominant Aspect Assessment

Each aspect requires attention and will draw energy, with or without permission - there is no avoiding any part of oneself, at least not for long.  Learn more about how these disparate parts of ourselves interweave and shape our identity…

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We are more than our minds, but they'd rather we didn't know that.  We all suffer the chatter of "Monkey Mind", loudly chirping about daily minutia and throwing the past back into our present minds. The Infinity Wellness method help you focus, filter and examine your thoughts. When you master this triage, the monkey’s chatter becomes less compelling and you’ve freed up mental space to contemplate what really matters to you.

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Aches, pains and illness can make us feel as if our very existence were located in the body.  Luckily, or unluckily, so can pleasure and its pursuit.  Our physical bodies are also the primary way we are identified and often categorized and judged.  We are not our bodies, as we are not our minds, though the two are inextricably linked. We can help you love your body for the marvelous machine it is and to fully understand that flesh is only a piece of the puzzle.

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Humans are social creatures, some more than others.  There's nothing wrong with honoring one's own connecting style and capacity.  If you are experiencing difficulty participating in fulfilling social interactions, it might be time to consult a professional or at least engage in honest self-examination with the help of people you trust.

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Mental health is seen as inextricably linked to the vagaries of one emotional ups and downs.  Feelings are vitally important reference point, but are nearly always colored by "the stories we tell" about our experiences.  Sometimes emotions are generated by what we do with, put in, or are missing from our bodies - i.e. a "runner's high", "sugar rush", or Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).  It's important to experience the range of our emotions without editing, or shaming.  Emotions are innocent, it’s what we do with them (i.e. "act-out") that can get us in trouble. We must be careful not to define ourselves by our emotions, believe in their a priori truth, or hold onto them too tightly. We help you ride the roller coaster of Feeling, sitting by you while together we experience its rhythm, twists and terrain. Remember your bad feelings don’t make you a bad person. However, if you are experiencing extended periods of hopelessness and/or an acute desire for self-harm, please call the 24/7 National Suicide Hotline immediately: 1-800-273-8255, or connect with them online.

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Even when we are not sexually active, we are still sexual creatures, with desires, drives and inhabiting a body that produces hormones and seeks pleasure.  Sex can be a wonderful way to connect with other friendly humans and one's sexuality is simply another facet of one's identity and self-expression.  In countless cultures, sex has been vilified and sexual desires deemed shameful.  Even under ideal circumstances, unpacking these cultural messages can be a lifelong challenge.   However, if one has suffered sexual abuse, regular harassment, or limiting objectification, this challenge increases exponentially.   True balance requires vigilance in this quest for peace within our sexual selves; accepting our personal proclivities, allowing our true identity to be expressed, embracing our sexual orientation and honoring ourselves as sexual creatures, without judgement or condemnation.

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Creativity is our birthright and the force behind all of human innovation. Creativity drives our personal narrative forward. It is the spice of life and the seed of play.

Creativity is also something people may perceive as separate from us, that only the idle rich have time for, or that only professional artists can legitimately claim.

When we engage with our creativity, we see the world both as is it, and as we wish it to be. Every moment of every day contains the spark of creativity, ready to ignite.

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Spirituality is another aspect, like creativity, that many perceive as out of reach of the lay person. Generations of religious organizations, forged intentional separation between the individual and their god. In the name of god, religion has weaved restrictive confines of limiting belief systems, causing humans to feel separate from each other.

Lifting core spirituality from within religion, we get a clearer sense of its universal essence. Spirituality is about opening ourselves to unseen forces of good. It is the source of peace and love. It is mysterious and more powerful than ego.

Clearly, historically and presently, religion has also doggedly; provided a foundation for human ethics, a framework of profound social connection, a lighthouse of compassion and inspiration for monumental creativity. It is only when perverted by our fear and/or unchallenged dogma, that religion morphs into a cesspool where love goes to die.

This perversion is a dramatic example of how the “stress side” (ala Ennegram) of an aspect, or how cognitive distortions (CBT), can create an essential block in our flow of energy, limiting growth.

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The political/financial aspect stands for external forces perceived as beyond our control, insidiously acting upon us and/or oppressing us.

For most of human history, human beings only knew the challenges and triumps of the immediate village and surroundings. We are in our faced with the unique gift and challenge of having a much, much broader sense of the breadth and depth of our world’s problems, conflicts and challenges. This can understandably take it’s toll. In Jewish tradition there is a saying, “It is not your responsibility to fix the world, but it is your duty to keep trying.”

Sometimes, it might be wise to go on a media hiatus, temporarily closing ones ears to the news in order to regroup emotionally or spiritually. Another good media tactic is to take your news with humor (The Onion) or your bad news with good news (Good News Network). However, even if you find the perfect you-sized-rock, practicing self-care is the essential front line to meet the world of anxiety.

We know we are no good to others unless we ourselves are healthy, but there are times we may find it hard to get that needed sleep, or when a friend needs us, or spend money on organic produce when world hunger doggedly persists. This is a complicated balance. We need to continue to dive deep into gratitude and shore up our own health, while also actively standing up for the underdog, being the change we wish to see in the world, reducing our carbon footprint, helping others financially when we can, and persistently voicing our concerns to our government.

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Infinity Wellness holistic mental health helps you to become the conscious author of your life story, bearing witness to your process, with patience, humor, radical self-forgiveness and love.