I can say with confidence that the experience of working with Jennifer has inspired a tremendous amount of personal growth. Together we created a space to process experiences, address tough questions, sigh deeply into the depths of our anxiety, whatever we need.

— Heather

Over the time I've worked with Jennifer, I've experienced a true transformation in my ability to better understand myself, my relationships, and how to facilitate a healthy dialogue across these spheres.  Jennifer has helped me to tune into the intricacies of my thought patterns so I can redirect them toward making a positive changes in my marriage and career as a writer.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to work through loss, conflicts, or simply trying to live life most joyfully--freely and individually--in the present.

— Jack

“Helpful holistic approach.”
“ Fun! Cheerful! Very insightful - I appreciated all the comments and feedback.”
“Valuable information.”
“Very knowledgeable and encouraging.”
“Laughter and insightful perspectives and viewpoints. “Lots of energy!”
“Captivating grace and creativity.”
“Facilitator is bright, dedicated, asks insightful questions, is artistic and generous.”

— Group Member Feedback

You don't have to do this alone. Let us help you reignite your spark. Wake up to the knowledge that you're the author of your own life story, and already have what you need to meet your challenges with a sense of humor, natural brilliance and passion for life.